Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Recap

Bugeted / Actual

Income: $1320 / $1900.90


Rent: $200 / $200
Phone: $68 / $137.22
Car: $236.48 / $236.48
Insurance: $215.33 / $215.33
Gas: $70 / $40
Groceries: $60 / $60.22
Personal Items: $50 / $58.73
Clothes: $75 / $39.71
Food: $100 / $ 77.96
Going out: $35.19 / $25
Misc: $60 / $139.15

Emergency Fund: $100 / $100
Investments: $50 / $50

Overall this month was not bad. I managed to keep my food spending under budget which is usually one of the hardest things for me.
You will notice my cell phone bill is a lot higher than normal. Well there is a little story behind that. A few months ago I got a $100 credit to my bill. No idea why. But I didn't complain. Then I got another $100 credit. Still didn't know why, and didn't bother to ask. Well a couple weeks ago I got a text message from Bell, saying it was a misake and I owed it back! So I don't know if they meant I was never supposed to get it in the first place, or if I was supposed to get it once but not twice. So far they have billed me for the first $100. Waiting to see if it happens again.

Of course October had 3 paydays so my income was a lot higher than usual. But most of that last paycheck is really being spent in November of course.

And another good thing about October was that I had 11 no spend days!

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