Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spending Updates

Sorry I haven't written for awhile! Nothing too exciting has been happening over here. I can't believe it's November 20th and there is no snow! Normally we would of had at least 1-2 snowstorms by now! They are already playing the Christmas music at work and I guess I am finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit because there is no snow!

I took my car for it's first oil change on Thursday after work. I was kind of nervous cause it was my first time,but they were really nice. Basically I sat in the lounge drinking water and reading some Jay-Z interview in an Oprah magazine until they called me to tell me it was ready. I would say it took about 20 mins or so, which wasn't too long, and it was free! :)

Since my last post I've spent:
$39.76 groceries
$11.32 book
$8.99 gift
$20 gas
$52.87 personal items (everything ran out at the same time!Moisturizer, toner, shampoo, feminine items etc)
$20.89 lunch at work
$5.07 fast food

So far this month I've had 6 no spend days! :)

From now until Christmas I am going to try really hard not to spend any money on anything that isn't really necessary, like books, makeup and skin care (unless it's something I use regularly than runs out, but I don't think anything will since I just stocked up!), basically anything I don't need. Let's see if I can do it!

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paranoidasteroid said...

They just put up Christmas decorations at work, and I'm getting really excited for the holidays. Bonus: I'm not going to have to endure hours in the airport/on a plane this year.