Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting Christmas Ideas

This weekend I went to Michaels with my 50% off coupon from this weeks flyer. I was hoping to get some jewelry making items, but wasn't really feeling any of it. But looking at the Christmas items gave me an idea.

Each year everyone in my department at work gets little presents for each other. I have started to think about what I want to do. Since I have been learning how to make jewelery, I was thinking about possibly making something simple for each person (its all women) like a cell phone charm/keychain type thing. But I am not sure if everyone would be really into that. I am the youngest person, and the other women are all older, mostly married with kids. I am the only one in my twenties, everyone else is li
ke 30+.

Today while browsing around Michaels I got the idea that maybe I could do some baking and make a little gift basket of goodies for everyone.

I could get little boxes like these and fill them with goodies. Or another option was to get these little Christmas themed clay dish things that I saw there and put stuff in them and wrap them with cellophane like a gift basket. I searched the Michaels website and could not find a picture of these little dishes I saw, and couldn't really find anything similar either, so "Christmas clay dish"is the best description I've got!

There was also this mini cake pan that I saw. This is not the one I want, again, I couldn't find a picture of the one on the Michales site, but it was kind of like this, only I think there was only 4 shapes so they were a little bigger. I think there was like a santa, a snowman, a tree etc. It was really cute! It was about $17. I am seriously considering going back there this week and using my 50% off coupon to buy it.

I am going to start looking online for recipes of stuff to make. I am hoping to find simple recipes, hopefully ones where I have most of the stuff already or won't have to buy too much more. I'm thinking brownies, cookies, any other kind of "bars" etc.

If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them! And let me know if you have any easy yummy recipes.

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