Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Spending

So I managed to get my car accessories after all. And for a rather good price! Here is what I spent this weekend:

$2.05 starbucks banana bread (on break at work)
$27.09 snow brush and floor mats for my car. I got a snow brush on sale for $9.99 and 2 front mats for $6.99 each on sale. Did not expect to be able to get floor mats for $6.99 each!! And they are pretty good too. They are thick enough and do not slide around.

$5.95 Tim Hortons

Sunday (today):
$21.23 makeup. Shoppers had the GOSH makeup line for 40% off so I wanted to try something out since I haven't really tried their stuff. I bought a lipstick. And then I also bought a new concealer, mine was almost finished.
$17.89 groceries at Food Basics
$12.80 groceries at Zehrs
$2.61 ice cap at Tim's
$5.99 dollar store

I bought some ham, turkey and lettuce to make sandwiches/wraps to bring to work this week. Also got some grapes and bananas and Crispy Mini's which are like my new favourite thing. They are so good, almost better than chips and way less calories! They only problem is trying not to eat the whole bag!


FB @ said...


Why do I read your blog LOL

Now I want to see if Gosh has a purple eyeliner...

hklover86 said...

I think it was only sunday/monday sooo i hope you went and looked right away! lol