Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weekend Shopping List

As you know, I bought a car this summer. Well kids, the time has come for me to get winter accessories! The other night when I went to leave work, I actually had ice on my windshield! And today was the first snowfall. So this weekend I plan to go to Canadian tire to pick up some:

  • car floor mats
  • snow brush with ice scraper
I thought I would do a recap of what I've spent so far this month:

Sunday: $32.52 movies
I treated my mom, she had a birthday recently. I paid for our tickets as well as some popcorn and pop. The popcorn was not very impressive this time! It tastes better when we make it at home.

Monday: $7 Tim Hortons. I grabbed a bagel before work and also went there on my break. Yes, I have an addiction.

Tues: $6.96 bought some left over halloween candies/chocolates that were marked down.
$4.50 sub

Wednesday: $1.46 drink. I brought my lunch but forgot to grab water when I left the house! Could of been a no-spend day!

Thurs (today): $0!!


The Asian Pear said...

all this talk of snow reminds me... you might also want to consider saving up money for snow tires as well as your next oil change.

hklover86 said...

My first oil change is free so I don't have to save money for that. :)

Also I am not buying snow tires this year. My parents suggested I don't get them the first year and see how my car does, I might not really need them.