Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dollar Store Finds

The other day I went to check out the dollar store because I've been noticing lately that sometimes they have brand name items you could find at Shoppers or Walmart, but of course they are only $1 or $2. Even with my discount at work, it's still more expensive than that.

So here's a few things I picked up at the dollar store.

1. John Frieda Weather Works Shampoo and Conditioner - it's funny because I was just recently thinking how I wanted to try this stuff. My hair is super frizzy in winter-time and this is supposed to combat that. I've used it twice so far, but it doesn't seem to be any different than other shampoos I have used. Maybe I am just not a good hair person, because I really don't notice much of a difference with each shampoo that I use, it seems all the same to me, my hair is always frizzy in this type of weather, and it always gets greasy looking pretty fast.

2. Random generic body wash in Vanilla Pear scent. I recently got an Avon body wash and can't stand the smell of it. This one definately smells better, and its only $1 and it's about twice the size.

3. Charles Worthington Wave Enhancing Spray - to spray on your hair when it's when to help accentuate your natural waves. Tried this yesterday, and I think it's too soon to tell. Need to try a few more times before I make a verdict.

4. Piggy, so these were definitely in the baby section, but they were just too cute, I had to buy them.

It's worth checking out your local dollar stores to see what they have! I know most of the stuff is probably crap, but these are brands that you would normally find in a drug store for like $6-7 dollars each. Even if they were to go on sale, they would rarely, if ever be as low as $2.


The Asian Pear said...

I've noticed that the Dollarama is slowly putting up better brands too. Course the price has gone up on a few of them too...

The piggy containers are super cute! I have a big flat one from Dollarama that I use for veggie crudites and stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea, I don't buy the $ shampoo etc, but would definitely buy well known brands for $2.00!! Btw, your font is super small.. is that just my computer or is it set that way on your blog? Everything else on my comp is "normal".. but the font on your blog is so itty bitty! LOL! Anyways, going to add you to my blogroll! Hope that's ok! Oh.. totally agree with you about the post below too... you should have read some of the comments about us "Canadians" after our Men won the Gold in Hockey.. not nice.

hklover86 said...

yes I have realized about my font. Sometimes it looks really small on my screen so I make it bigger (then i am afraid it will be huge to other people). And then sometimes it looks totally normal on my screen. I will have to play with it. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll! I always appreciate it. I will check out your blog. I didn't see any comments about our mens team, i would love to see a link to any of these!