Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling a little productive...:)

Today is my day off and I have had a somewhat productive day. I filed my taxes online, studied for about an hour and took my dog for a walk! It's a really beautiful day today. It's warm and the snow is melting, hopefully this is it for snow, though a sneaking feeling tells me there will be more.

This year was the first time I owed on my taxes! I'm not really impressed. I only owed about $50, which is nothing really, but it still makes me a little mad. Because this means my employer is not doing their job in taking the proper amount of tax off my paycheck and also because if I didn't start contributing to the RSP plan through work, I WOULD of owed over $200!! That's scary! Because for someone that makes what I make, $200 is not exactly pocket change. Ok, so I have savings that I could of taken from, but that's not the point. So I filled out a form to have extra tax taken off my pay to ensure this doesn't happen next year. I will also be contributing alot more to RSP's this year because I will be doing it for the whole year. I only started last year so I was only doing it for about half the year. So hopefully the next tax return is a little more in my favor!

I have these two bins that I keep various paper work in such as old pay stubs, my old student loan paperwork, car loan paperwork, various receipts I felt I should keep, etc etc. Well I went through it all and shredded about half of it. It feels good to get rid of stuff you don't need.

I am also thinking of going to Bell to speak to someone about changing my rate plan to something a bit cheaper. I don't really use my cell phone all that much, and hardly ever to actually CALL someone. Mostly texting and checking facebook etc. I am hoping I can get a cheaper plan, even if its only like $20 less a month that would be awesome. I have been thinking about this for awhile but I've been putting it off partly because I have had luck so far with my cell phones through Bell, they haven't really messed up anything too bad so far so I'm afraid to try and change anything for fear they will screw up and I will some how end up paying

Am also thinking of putting myself on some sort of shopping ban...mostly a makeup/accessories ban, but maybe also clothes too. Like I will set a number of items I have to use up before I can buy anything new. But I'm still thinking about it...

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