Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm on Vacation!

I am on vacation this week!!! Hooray!

This is how my vacation has been so far:
Friday: I drove back to my hometown to stay at a friends place. We just hung out doing nothing really.

Saturday: we slept in late and then he took me for breakfast. Then I met up with my best friend at the local bar for a drink on the patio. Afterwards we went back to her place and continued drinking/hanging out/tanning on her back deck until about 10pm when we walked to a nearby park to watch some fireworks! ( There was a town festival going on.)
After that we went over to the little carnival they had set up and decided to go on a ride. We saw this ride that looked pretty fun, and boy was it a doozy!! It WAS fun but after a few drinks, let me tell you it was pretty wild. It was soooo fast and I almost felt like i would be sick at one point. Closed my eyes and screamed the entire time. Got off the ride and walked crooked for a few minutes, and didn't really feel right the rest of the night. Went back to a guys house for a little after party, then we stumbled back to my friends house and went to bed.

Sunday: slept in, went out and got breakfast with my best friend and her little brother. Lounged around a bit, then went over to her friends place to hang. Sat outside chatting and taking silly pictures.

Monday: basically the same as sunday. lol

Tues: walked to the drug store and bought hair dye and proceeded to dye our hair! I'm now a proud ginger :) Then I drove home later that evening, I ended up getting back here around 7:30.

Today I went to the LCBO to get some coolers, because I'm on vacation and want to have a drink whenever I feel like it! lol I also went to Michaels to get some beading stuff. I ended up going on a little creative spree and making 4 jewelry pieces today! I made two necklaces, a bracelet and a charm.

Tomorrow may include: shopping for a dress for my friends wedding next month, studying, going for a walk, and /or trying to get more of a tan.

I leave you with a few pictures:

Ride at the carnival

Lovely flower growing on my friends deck.

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