Monday, July 12, 2010

A girl can dream....

Yesterday my mom and I went to two open houses in a condo building down on the waterfront of our city. I have always wanted to see inside these places and we saw the open house ads in the paper so we just had to go.

One was on the top floor, about 1300 square feet. It had a great view, but tiny balconies, and a large kitchen (for a condo) but I think the cupboards were the original ones from 20 yrs ago. Everything else was all upgrade, like the bathroom fixtures and there was brand new hardwood floors. I think it was about $379,000 or so.

The other one was bigger, about 1600 square feet and the view was AMAZING. A million dollar view for sure! You could see the entire lake, marina and beyond. It was breathtaking. The balcony was large with enough space for a table and chairs and also a lounge chair. You could feel the breeze off the lake and it was sooo....calming. Like it could put you to sleep. The one entire wall in the living room was windows. The whole place was just beautiful. The only downside of this one though, was the kitchen was so small, the appliances were like, mini versions. And for half a million dollars (which was the listing price) you'd think you could atleast get a normal size stove!!

My mom told the real estate people I was shopping for a condo! lol. Of course I can only dream!

Other than that my weekend was pretty un-eventful. On saturday I worked an extra shift at another store, which was easy money. It's not a very busy place, so its great to earn extra money while not having to work as hard.

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The Asian Pear said...

I know whatcha mean. I went condo shopping with my brother (as he's looking for a place.) Sigh. To dream...