Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Officially Love Weddings

This weekend I went to my friends wedding that I had told you guys about. Let me just say I had a fabulous time. The friend is a former co-worker that I met a few years ago(at my current job) who no longer works there but we have always kept in touch and hung out here and there. She moved about 30-40 minutes away so we don't hang out as much as we used to. I went with another former co-worker as neither of us really had a date to bring.

They got married in a catholic church, with a typical religious-type ceremony. The church was so beautiful but actually kind of dark for picture taking. And during the vows I couldnt really hear anything.

Afterwards the reception was under a tent in her parents backyard. It was an open bar AND free cab rides home, which I thought was very nice and thoughtful.

All in all, it was super fun and great to meet some new people, have some drinks and dance the night away! Kinda makes me wish I was getting married just so I can plan a huge party! Speaking of which, I came across the website called Budget Savvy Bride. Its full of great ideas! Each week they have a "Budget-Savvy wedding of the week" featuring a couple with pics of their wedding, break-down of the budget and they answer a few questions. I absolutely loooove looking at people's wedding pictures and seeing unique ideas. Here is a few that I loved:

"How well do you know the couple crossword"..a way to keep people entertained while they are waiting for you to arrive at the party. Kind of cute I thought, maybe a little too Hick-ish for some?

Candles in jars and/or chandeliers hanging from trees, so cute and romantic and potentially very inexpensive.
Vases filled with water with flowers inside (left pic). So elegant and pretty. Definately doing this when I get married!

Here is the cost breakdown of what this wedding cost me:

Dress: $33.76
shoes: $45.19
gift/card/gift bag: $29
Motel room: $35
Cab ride to party:$5 (free coming back)
Total: $147.95.

Not too bad but its a good thing I had someone to split the gift and hotel room with!

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