Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting New Glasses!

I got my eyes tested on Monday. I hadn't had them for 5 years! I got the exam done at Walmart because it was the least expensive. It was only $60 (cash only!) and everywhere else was atleast $80.

I took my prescription to Costo and picked out some glasses. I was pleasantly surprised that I only spent $200! The lenses were $120 and the frames were $80. It was cheaper than I thought, and I am able to get $100 back from my benefits, so that means only $100 out of pocket for me.

I was thinking of going to one of those places that has a "Buy one get one free" deal, but if you read the fine print, in order to get the second pair free you need to spend like $350 to $400!! Yikes, I can't afford to spend that much, just to get another pair. You only need one anyways. So now I am patiently waiting to get the call to say they are ready. I am excited to start wearing them!

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