Monday, August 9, 2010

The Shoe Search is Over

A few posts back, I showed you guys what kind of dress I got for my friends wedding, and mentioned what type of footwear I was hoping to find. Well on Friday I went out in search of shoes.

After about 4 or so hours of searching and atleast 11 stores (that I remember) later, I literally found the exact shoes that I was picturing in my head. Not even kidding. I found them at Le Chateau on sale for $39.99. I was honestly hoping to find some cheap shoes for like $20 or so, but I was really tired of searching, they look great and the price was still affordable. Here they are:

Cute huh? I also bought a purse that day. What happened was, I went into Winners, one of the first few places I looked. Turns out I don't really like their shoe selection as much as their clothing selection. Anyways I found this purse and I liked it so I started carrying it around with me, checking myself out in the mirror..LOL and I could not put it down. It was on clearance for $26 and was regular $50. I haven't actually bought a new purse in over a year so I figured what the hell.

So I definately spent a little more than planned, and I can not buy frivolous things like this in the near future due to my work situation, but I am really happy with the shoes and I can't wait to start using my new purse! I'm probably going to wait until summer is over to start using it, as it looks more like a fall bag to me.


Carla said...

Shoes are super adorable!! After 4 hrs of shoe shopping i'd have gladly paid $40 to be done with it too! LOL~!! Great deal on the purse!

Girl Makes Cents said...

I love pink shoes! Glad you found something you love even if it was a little more expensive than you wanted.