Friday, August 6, 2010

Why I'm Going to be Making Less....

My hours at work got cut. Almost in half. I'm going to be getting approx 20 hours/week. That's it.

I called around to other stores in the area, and only picked up one extra shift for this month. Everyone is cutting their hours. It really sucks.

So I'm going to be working 2 full days and 1 half day a week. Lame!

I'm trying to look on the bright side, if you could call it that.

1. If you are going to work less, summer is the best time of the year.
2. This really gives me an opportunity to study for my exam. Infact, I have no excuse now. I NEED to study. Like hours a day. Now I REALLY have the time.
3. This may end up being a good thing because I have been thinking for awhile now that it is time for me to move on, as I have mentioned before. This forces me to look at other options. I have already handed a resume in to another pharmacy that is known to pay MUCH better than where I work, and I know someone who works there which is a huge bonus.

This doesn't actually start until next week so my first paycheck of the month which was today was normal, and the second one will have one week of full time and the second week with my new hours so it wont be TOO bad. I wont really feel the effect of it until the first pay of Sept.

So for August I guesstimated that I would net $1100. And I adjusted my budget accordingly. Since I plan to force myself to study with most of my free time, I hope I will not have much opportunity to spend. Although, I am going to a wedding in two weeks....

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