Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog I'm Reading Lately

One of my favourite things to do is search for new blogs. I love going to someone's blog and then clicking on all their blogroll links to find others that I like. I haven't counted but I think I have probably like 50 blogs bookmarked that I check almost every day. I thought I would share some with you.

1. Chelsea Talks Smack

Chelsea is a writer/dancer/singer ...well this girl seems to do it all and put in into words in such a way that makes me want to be a writer just so I can write inspiring posts like hers. Her writing is so incredible, you all MUST visit her blog.

2. Five Blondes

This blog is written by 5 sisters: Erica, Micaela, Kate, Leah and Lauren. Each sister is uniquely different and this blog basically chronicles their lives.

3. Rainy Saturday

This is written by Amy who is an account director in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her writing is absolutely hilarious which is why you need to check her out.

4. kelinda.KELINDA

This is a fashion blog written by a girl named Amy Kelinda. Basically she writes mostly about recent clothing purchases and posts a picture of what she is wearing every day. (or almost every day). She has great fashion sense in my opinion. I love most of the outfits she puts together and I wish I could dress like that every day ( cant really dress like that at my job though).

5. Little Miss Paige

Paige writes about her life from a strong Christian perspective. It is really refreshing to read and you feel like she could be your friend!

I hope that I have introduced you to some new blogs you haven't read yet and maybe you will be bookmarking something new!

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