Friday, October 15, 2010

Latest Steals and Deals

I think I need to put myself on some kind of shopping ban. The thought of sales excites me that I want to go and buy things even if I don't really need anything ( and just want to get out of the house). This is why I'm glad to be back to work because it keeps me from shopping.

So the other day I went over to this new clothing store that opened up. It is a used clothing store that sells clothes for teens and twenty-somethings. Nothing is TOO used, some stuff still has the tags on it. It's all great brands like: H&M, Hollister, American Eagle, Dynamite, Roxy, etc etc. Basically all stuff you would find in the mall. It has not only clothes but also accessories, wallets/purses, and even a small selection of books. I took some clothes there and was able to get $13.45 for 6 items. Not a lot, but better than nothing right??

So I went in on the first day they were open and let me tell you it was soo crazy. I guess all the kids skipped school or something. The lineups for the cash were so long that they were getting in the way of people browsing for clothes! Infact they werent even really lines, it was more like a huge mob of people. They should of set up those things they have at the bank that keep you in line, you know what I mean?

Anyways I ended up with a pair of GAP pants and some accesories.

Here is a close up picture of the accessories.

The pants were $12. I don't remember which was which but 2 accessories cost $5, one cost $3 and one cost $4. So total with tax was about $30. By the way, why am I paying tax on used stuff?? Whoever bought the item in the first place already paid tax on it!!! I guess I thought they weren't supposed to charge tax anymore, ever since Goodwill stopped charging tax. I guess Goodwill just did that on their own?


The Asian Pear said...

Cute jewellry!

my understanding is used goods for resale is subject to HST.

Little Miss Paige said...

Oh my gosh, why does shopping have to be so fun?! Why do sales have to be so tempting!!?!!?

Little Miss Paige

hklover86 said...

they truly are!! I cant help myself! I went shopping today about that coming