Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keeping Track of How Much I Save

I have decided that I am going to starting keeping track of how much money I save with coupons, employee discount, buying used books, free items/samples, etc.
I had tried to do this in the past but just stopped doing it due to laziness. I just think it would be cool like at the end of each month/year to see how much I saved! Maybe each time I used a coupon or coupon code online, I could put that money away for's just a thought.

Anyways one of the biggest things I have saved money on this year is books. For those of you who read my blog, you know I am an avid reader. I usually read every night before I go to sleep, and like to have a book to read on lunch at work so I don't get bored. I read fast so therefore I go through books quickly.

So far I made a list off all the books I have that I bought at goodwill/value village etc and I wrote down how much I paid for it and how much the cover price is, and what the difference is...and..are you ready for this? I have saved $219.84 so far by buying used books. (And that is just including the ones I know of.) I don't think I am ever buying a new book again. There is just no reason to, in my opinion, unless it is a gift.

I also saved $7.50 when I ordered pictures online from Costco. Because it was my first time ordering, I got 25 free prints and then I found a coupon code online for another 25 free prints so in total I got 50 free prints!

I found the coupon at Smart Canucks which is a great source for finding out about sales and coupons. Another good one is Bargain Moose. By the way these are all 100% Canadian!


FB @ said...

That's a great idea! I might do something similar, but I need to think of in what circumstance I'd consider it as "saving money"

hklover86 said...

I think its a great idea to keep track of how much your saving by buying things on sale/using coupons/buying used..etc. But you're right..what each person considers "saving money" is different! I mean, many of those books I would not have bought at the cover price, so I wouldnt have spent that much money anyways..but I still think its neat to see the numbers add up though.