Monday, October 25, 2010

New Boots

After finding out that I passed my exam, I decided to treat myself to some new boots. I had been thinking of getting some for awhile anyways. So I went over to that new used clothing store to see if they had any. I did find some nice ones but I couldn't get them all the way up my leg cause I am not a stick girl!! lol

So after that I went to Walmart to check out what they had. I ended up finding some there, and even though they were a bit more than I wanted to spend ( but still a good price at $39, i just hate paying regular price for things! ) I got them! It's actually really hard to find taller boots that fit if you don't have super skinny legs, so I figured if I find some that fit and are comfortable, there's no reason to think about it, just get them!! Even still, they won't be able to fit over jeans or anything, just leggings or tights. But I still have my knock-off Uggs that I think I can get another winter out of.

Anyways here's my boots, are't they super cute with the ruffles??

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