Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 Christmas present down!

So I've decided that this year for the sake of not fighting the crowds and just general convenience I am going to attempt to do most, if not all of my Christmas shopping online.

The first and only present I have bought so far is for one of my best friends and her boyfriend. These two are serious wine lovers. Their facebooks are full of pictures of the two of them drinking wine, whether they are out for dinner or hosting a dinner party in their condo.

I decided to get them personalized wine glass charms off of Etsy.

I was thinking about it for awhile and then I noticed that seller was having a promotion. I think it was 15% off or something. Anyways they are sterling silver and the total including shipping was about $23.00.

For my dad I'm thinking a season of his favourite show, for my sister I will probably get her some cds/dvds/books as that is usually what she wants. (I've got to get her to make a list). For my best friend and my mom I have no idea yet. I am planning to use my $40 in gift codes to from Swagbucks. One thing I did not realize was there is no free shipping to Canada from Next time I will redeem for for sure!!


The Asian Pear said...

Don't forget to place the orders early! Just in case the shipping takes longer than expected.

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I might steal this and buy my mom/stepdad the same thing. I've been doing most of my shopping online too, it's just so much easier.

Anonymous said...

Cute gift!! :) Great gift ideas you have! Online shopping is the BEST! lol!!

hklover86 said...

dont worry AP I already ordered them over a week ago. She said about 10-12 days which is plenty of time. I'm excited to see them!