Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Almost done!

Well I am happy to report that I am almost done my Christmas shopping and so far I have done it all online! This is definitely a lot less stressful because you can take your time and don't have to worry about crowded stores or feeling rushed.

I have 5 people to buy for and 2/5 are completed. For one of my friends I already showed you those wine charms in my last post. From I got two dvd's (one for sis and one for dad) and for my friend some ear buds for her ipod ( a specific brand that she wanted). The total was about $90 which I thought was ridiculous (shipping was about $20) but I had some gift certificate codes that I wanted to use up from Swagbucks. So I paid only $50. From now on I am getting the amazon.CA ones seeing as they lowered the free shipping minimum!

Then while I was on Smartcanucks on "Cyber Monday" I noticed some good sales. Forever 21 was having some good sales and free shipping, and Garage Clothing was having free shipping and 30% off everything regular price and 40% off things already on sale!! We do have a store here in the mall but they never have sales like that in store.

So from F21 I got some underwear and accessories for my sis and some accessories for my BFF and also a few small things for myself. Their accessories are so cheap and unique!! Total was $52 (about $22 for myself and $30 presents)

Then from Garage I got my sister some t-shirts and a tank top and a few things for myself because the deals were too good. Total was $68 (about $37 for me and $31 presents).

I budgeted about $250 total ( 5 people approx $50 each) and have spent so far $135.
All thats left is my moms present which I still have no idea what to get, and 1 more thing for my dad and 1 more thing for my BFF. Those will probably be gift cards.


FB @ said...

Well on your way to having a stress-free holiday I see :)

It's great! Dec 2 and you're almost done. Good job.

halfdozendaily said...

Good job on your Christmas shopping! I have one more gift to buy and i'm done! :) I love shopping online.. makes life MUCH easier!!