Sunday, December 5, 2010


In my last post I said that so far I have spent $135 on Christmas gifts. Well, I forgot that the first present I bought ( the wine charms for my friend) were paid for with my paypal balance which didn't really count. I had about $25 in my paypal account from survey sites. I never mentioned it in my income before because I didn't put it in my bank account, I just left it there. So that $23 was kind of like money I forgot I had lol. So I haven't really spent $135 dollars on Christmas presents, I have only spent $112! :)

Tomorrow is a day off for me. I am planning to head to the mall to look for my mom's gift. I may also exchange some jeans that I bought from Garage online. They are a little big so I might try the next size down. I hope I can exchange them without paying extra though?? Cause there was a sale online. If not, I am just going to keep the ones I have. This is if it is not blizzarding tomorrow. We got a lot of snow tonight. The drive home from work today was like a whole new world compared to the drive in!


Anonymous said...

You're doing amazing with the Christmas budget! I can barely fill one of my kids stockings for that.. *blush*

FB @ said...

It's like a totally awesome bonus :)

$112 = great! Most people spend around $300, I'd imagine.