Friday, December 10, 2010


Well as of this evening I am officially done my Christmas shopping, with 15 days until Christmas. I think this is probably the earliest I have ever been done. Buying some things online definitely helped and I will continue to do that in the future. There just seems to be better deals online than in the store, usually.

Anyways in case you wanted to know here is my breakdown of spending: $53.51
Forever 21: $30.39 $35.57
Campus Crew: $54.23
Green Earth: $16.94
Dynamite: $25.00
Canadian Tire: $20.00
Costco: $11.29
Etsy: $23.55
Total: $270.48
- $40 Gift Cards
-$23.55 paypal balance
= $206.93 out of pocket

(My budget was $250)

I still have not received my purchase from Etsy in the mail. It has been shipped by the seller though, so it should be here soon..I hope!

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