Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Computer's Got One Foot in the Grave..

Well after 6 years I believe my beloved Sony Vaio is about dead. Here is how it happened:
One day a few weeks ago I kept getting a notice from my free Avast anti-virus program that my computer had a threat. I don't remember the exact details but I think it couldn't completely get rid of it so it had to "quarantine" it or something. I decided I had enough of this free program and not really having money to buy a good one I downloaded the free trial of Norton Antivirus, did a complete scan and it got rid of all the threats. BIG MISTAKE.It said I needed to re-start in order to complete the scan. Once I restarted my computer I no longer had a start menu or any icons on my desktop. Somehow my firefox was running so I googled the problem and learned that many people have encountered this problem after downloading Norton. I did all the things suggested to fix the problem, including un-installing the program and many other things which I can't really remember. NOTHING worked.

Somehow I figured out that I can still access some programs pressing Ctrl+alt+delete.When that window pops up you click, "New Task" and you can access programs from there. So I have been using my dying computer for the past few weeks with no Start menu. LOL not to mention I can no longer access volume control and my volume is stuck on loud, and for the last year or so I can no longer change the screen brightness (you guess it-it's stuck on bright- great for my migraines!)

This is kind of bad time because I am starting an online course in January that is career related and very important.

Even though this sucks, I do realize that 6 years is very good for a computer these days and I am very happy with what I have got out of it so far. In the 6 years I have had very few problems.

So with that said,I am officially going to start saving for a new computer. I'm going to start saving my pay from my old job (which I still work at part time) and my holiday pay that will be coming up. Hopefully I can be super disciplined and save enough money fast!


The Asian Pear said...

ouch. that sucks. :(

maybe you can ask your friends and family (for those who haven't gotten you anything yet) to give you cash for a new computer?

hklover86 said...

I already gave my bff some ideas...And honestly my parents don't have a lot of money right now so any amount they were able to give me wouldn't make a big difference. :(Too bad I couldnt just ask for the computer eh? lol

FB @ said...

Can you format it and reinstall windows?

Dolly Iris said...

My netbook had Norton on it when I bought it but it was just a trial. When the trial ended it wanted me to download a new version. My computer started having serious issues. I was freaking out as it had all our trip pictures on it and I bought it before I left and the warranty would be up before I returned and couldnt find the reciept in my bags.
Luckily BF found online other people that had the same issue and we uninstalled it and followed their directions and everything worked again. Hopefully you can find a resolution too.

hklover86 said...

I already tried everything that other people were suggesting to do and nothing worked. I dont have the windows xp cd. The guy that fixed my comp last time I dont really talk to anymore(my friends ex bf) and i dont feel like paying futureshop or anyone to fix it. Its 6 years old and i feel its just time for a new one. plus i cant handle my space bar. you have to hammer it down for it to work. super annoying.