Monday, December 13, 2010

Phillips SatinPerfect Epilator

Awhile ago I signed up with this website called BzzAgent. It's a site where you can sign up for "campaigns" to get sent products in the mail and review them. If you do a good job you get invited for more/better campaigns. I had gotten a few invites but nothing really interested me until this one.

I was invited to review the Phillips SatinPerfect Epilator. I had never even heard of this before but it seemed interesting to me. So I signed up and I got my package in the mail on Friday! The first thing I thought of was I cant believe I got this for free. At it is $89.99!!!

Its kind of like a razor except it basically like rips the hairs out with this rotating head. Doesn't sound very appealing but I can't think of how else to describe it. It comes with two different heads and a nice little pouch to keep it all in.

I tested it on my arm just to see what it would feel like. It doesn't really "hurt" per say but its not as painless as shaving, it's like a mild stinging sensation. I had some red bumps afterward but they are gone now. Let me just say I am terrified of using this on my legs!! But since I signed up for the campaign I'm going to try it.

I have5 coupons for $10 off. If anyone is interested let me know and I can mail them to you. Once I have tried it I will post my review!


amy kelinda said...

Wooow, that sounds... yeah, kind of scary, haha! Let us know how long you stay hairless!

kirstyb said...

im scared to try one x

Anonymous said...

I've heard they HURT. lol! Not trying to scare you off... but i'll be interested to see what you think after the fact! I have to say i'm faithful to my Women's Remington electric shaver... lol!

Dolly Iris said...

I think its cool you got to try it out for free and review it. Even if it didnt work out. :(

hklover86 said...

me too!!