Monday, December 27, 2010

So about a new computer...

So I definitely need to get a new computer within the next month and wanted to get everyone's thoughts/recommendations. This is what I do with my computer:

  • Communication: facebook, email, MSN
  • Surfing and blogging: general surfing the web and reading blogs and writing this one of course.
  • download and listen to music
  • watch dvds
  • keep track of spending with a spreadsheet
  • store pictures
I WILL be:
  • doing my online course and submitting projects/essays etc.
  • hopefully in the future setting up my jewelery store on etsy.
I DONT do:
  • any gaming
  • any artsy stuff like graphic design or serious photo editing (although perhaps some basic stuff once I get more into my jewelry business)
After a lot of thinking and research I am about 99% sure I want a Macbook. Basically everyone that I know that has ever made the switch says they would never go back. I have been to the Apple site so many times, reading/watching all the tutorials and seeing whats different about a Mac. I also heard that Apple has superb customer service if you are having any problems.

I have read a lot of reviews and many people compare it to the macbook pro 13" (which is only $200 dollars more). People are saying its basically the same computer except for more memory in the macbook pro and it supposedly has a bit better graphics I think and some SD card slot or something. My computer that I have right now has that and I have never used it. Some people are saying that the Macbook's unibody enclosure is a bit more durable than the macbook pro's aluminum casing.

Here are some basic tech specs on the macbook:
  • 4.7 pounds
  • 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2Duo processor
  • 2G RAM
  • 13.3" display
  • has a built in camera
  • 250 GB hard disk space
  • 10 hour battery
  • comes with a lot of programs
The things I like about it are:
  • weighs less than current computer (current one is about 7 lbs!)
  • built in camera
  • longer battery life(mine only lasts about 2 hours)
  • I dont really know that much about computers but according to the various reviews I've read it seems that the operating system is really really good. People say it doesnt really get slow, even when doing lots of things at once. And reviewers are saying the 10 hour battery life claim is pretty much on point. Some people have complained that it only has 2 USB slots. I dont really care about that because for the longest time I didnt know my computer had 3 cause I only ever use 2 (one is in the back and i didnt see it).
I thought 13.3" inches would seem small (the one I have right now is 15.4") but I saw it in store and surprisingly it didnt seem small at all! I know you can get more bang for your buck with a windows based pc in terms of hard drive and stuff but I feel like I want to go more for reliability and something that is going to last longer.

So I am looking for all you computer savvy people to comment on this one!! Do you think this is a good choice or do you have a better idea? :P


Dolly Iris said...

Wish I could help but I'm a total knownothing when it comes to this stuff. My last portable music player was compact disc :)

FB @ said...

Macbook Pro = Awesome

I'd buy the best one you can get. I have a Macbook 13" and I can see the quality is not as nice as the Pro.

If you aren't traveling a lot with it, then go for the Mac Pro.

If you are, then Macbook Air is a good option. More expensive for sure, but it's so light and you won't be doing a lot of stuff on it

krystalatwork said...

Obviously I'm going to say that you should get the Macbook Pro if you can afford it. :) It is leaps and bounds better than the Macbook. In fact, my sister was facing the same dilemma and she ended up buying the MBP.

I bought mine this past summer, and it's been amazing. Definitely worth the investment.