Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Week Shopping

Today I decided to go to the city for some after Christmas shopping. There was a few things I was looking for and thought it would be fun to go out of town for a change.

First stop was the Pacific Mall in Markham, ON. For those of you non-Ontarians, it is a mall that is Asian-run. All the stores are owned by Asian people and they sell a lot of Asian food, cosmetics etc and you can get knock off anything : clothes, purses, sunglasses etc. Oh there is also a lot of electronics. I had never been to this mall before and just wanted to check it out. I also wanted to get some more Asian cosmetic products. One thing I noticed was that a lot of stores were not open at the opening time of the mall. I got there right after opening, so next time I will go later in the day.

I ended up getting quite a few snack foods/candies. After I got home I tried them all and they are all amazing! My family all tried them as well and agreed. I am going to take them to work tomorrow to share with everyone. I also did get some makeup products. Here are some pics:

After that I went to Vaughan Mills. I probably should not have gone there. It was totally insane. It took me probably 20 mins to find a parking spot. I probably could have bought a lot more if I wasn't feeling so claustrophobic. The stores were way too crowded. It's too bad because there was some good sales. I ended up getting a bit more makeup because there is a store there that sells the brand NYX which is a brand I like and you can't get it where I live.

Besides that I had a list of what I was looking for that consisted of:
  • new winter coat(ski jacket type, right now I have a peacoat which looks nice but its not that warm)
  • new winter boots ( replacement for my Ugg look-alikes)
  • nice flats for work
  • 2011 agenda
  • sunglasses (mine broke)
  • nice pants for work
  • and another other clothes I may have got had to be work-appropriate.
So thats what I was looking for but all I got was the coat. I ended up getting an Adidas coat. It is one of those 3 in 1 coats. It was regular $250,marked down to $149.99 and it was 40% off so it was $101 tax included. I thought this was pretty good for Adidas and I hope to get at least 2-3 years of use.

I googled Adidas jackets after I got home because I wanted to find a price to see if it was really $250 regular price. A lot of stores lie about the regular price to make you think you are getting a better deal. I couldn't find anything Canadian but this picture was from a UK site and it was listed for $135 pounds. So I'm not sure if they lied or not but I am confident that it was still a good price.

I am thinking of doing a clothing/accessories shopping ban soon like a lot of other bloggers. Especially since I am going to buy a new computer soon. I have to figure out all the details and then I will post about it!

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The Asian Pear said...

Haha. Yeah... Never go to PMall as soon as it opens cause the stores don't usually open well past 11am. All are open by noon though. Course, by then parking is IMPOSSIBLE!