Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm on a shopping ban!

So I've decided to go on a 95% clothing/makeup/accessories shopping ban for 3 months!

Why? Basically to get control of my spending. I plan to buy a new laptop soon and even though that money will be 100% coming from money that I have saved, I still feel like with such a splurge I need to sacrifice in other areas. Even though I think I am better with my money than most other people I know, I still feel like I can always improve. I am hoping that by not spending on frivolous things for a little while, I can put money aside for other things. Maybe I can make an extra payment on my car loan, or put money into my travel fund for my some-day trip to Portugal.

The reason I say its 95% is because there are a few small exceptions. There are some things I have been looking for lately that I haven't been able to find and I feel if I can find them I should get them. So my exceptions are:

  • sunglasses (mine broke)
  • nice work pants ( will allow myself 1 pair during this time, IF I can find some I really really like)
  • work-appropriate tops (allowed 2 tops)
  • winter boots
  • any of my skincare items that I use on a daily basis that run out ( will buy only replacements, nothing extra)
I was also looking for new shoes for work but I just got some today! Will post about those soon.

I am still going to really try not to buy any of this stuff during the next 2 months, but if I happen to come across anything that I really love and I feel like its a good value for money, then I will allow it. But absolutely NO makeup, NO accessories (such as headbands and other hair things), NO jewelry.

I think this is a good time for me to do this because I am starting an online course on the 14th, and it goes until sometime in April so I will probably be spending a lot of my free time with that anyways. I also have been doing a little spending on my credit card lately( like Taylor swift tickets, which I did not anticipate coming on sale so soon after those Bon Jovi tickets,and I don't have anyone to go with yet, which means I don't have anyone to pay me back for one of them!). Even though I know things like that are going to be worth it, it just came at a bad time.

So that's the details of my shopping ban. Good luck to the rest of you who are doing bans of your own, hopefully we will all learn a lot from this!


The Asian Pear said...

Good luck with the shopping ban!

melissa (aka frugal dreamer) said...

Good luck!!! :)

Sarah said...

I'm on a shopping ban too! Just until I pay off the rest of my $5700 credit card bill... it's a really good exercise to see how much you do own, and how to mix and match your wardrobe!

smart sorority girl said...

Hi. I'm a new reader but I absolutely love your blog! I'm one of those people that once they find a new blog they start from the archives and work their way up to see the progress that a person has made. I must say that I am impressed! I love your goodwill finds but I definitely wish you luck with your no shopping ban. Also, the fact that you are already investing and saving money is very inspiring. Keep up the great work!

cassie said...

Good for you! Good luck with your shopping ban! :)

Girl Makes Cents said...

Hope this goes well for you!!