Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Macbook!!

Well I officially bought a Macbook Pro 13 inch!!!!!

My old computer became completely unusable a few days ago. I think it got a virus (to add to who knows how many it probably had to begin with). I was fed up. I had held out for as long as possible so I decided it was time to go for the Macbook. Today was my first day off since then so I went out to Futureshop and got it.

So far I am very happy with it. It's so light, doesn't make a sound and is very easy to use. I barely had to do anything except turn it on. No installing any software or anything. The guy tried to talk me into buying the Iwork program which I guess had a word processor, spreadsheet etc. I decided to hold off on it, cause I might be able to download Microsoft Office for free from the website of the school which I am taking my course from. But then I discovered that TextEdit (the word processor it comes with already) has the option to save a file as a word document! So I am glad I didn't get sucked into spending more money.

The only thing I am now trying to decide is whether to purchase the extended warranty from Apple or from Futureshop. I have two weeks to buy it from Futureshop and 1 year to buy it from Apple. Of course the guy at Futureshop tried to tell me that their plan is better, because of their "no lemon" policy which states that if you need a repair more than 3 times you automatically get a new computer. I'm not sure if that is reason enough to get it with them.

I think I will probably just get it with Apple, mostly because I have a year to do it, so I can save the money. I definitely will not be able to come up with the money within 2 weeks which means if I got it from Futureshop I would have to put it on my credit card. Also, Apple's is only $249 which makes it $50 cheaper than Futureshop's which is $299. I have also heard during my research that Apple has excellent customer service.

What do you guys think??


FB @ said...

I have a healthy distrust of warranties. If it doesn't die in a year, it won't.

Also, Apple makes great products. I have my eye on the Macbook Air but I can't justify it. Yet :P

DO NOT buy iWorks. I have it and I don't like it. Stick to MS office on there... iWorks is good if you don't already use MS Office for heavy Excel stuff.

Always Something said...

I want a new laptop so badly! I got one only two years ago and yet it seems slow an unusable already...

Major jealous! I'm sure you'll love it.

Girl Makes Cents said...

So jealous as well. I want a Macbook of any kind. I am also not a fan of warranties. Although maybe I SHOULD have got one with my last computer purchase since this laptop is causing me so many problems.

The Asian Pear said...

I don't trust warranties either... but if I did have to buy, I'd buy with Apple. Not Futureshop. Not only are they more expensive but they're purposefully marked up cuz that's how they make money. And they have no knowledge of computers either. Go with Apple. At least if something happens, Apple will know what's wrong with their own products.

Shoe.Gal said...

Well two things. First of I too am extremely jealous of your new acquisition. I have a feeling that my laptop is on its last few breaths after the most recent time it crashed completely on January 1st. I am holding off on the purchase but am 90% sure I am going to get a Macbook Pro as well. They are very expensive though so I am hoping my Toshiba holds out for one more year.

In terms of the warranty I am not a huge fan. They are usually a waste of money. Since Apple gives you a year I would go with that but like FB said, if it doesn't break in a year it probably won't.

Please post how you are finding it in a month or two.

Common Cents said...

The first laptop I bought at futureshop was a lemon the second one I bought at Apple and bought the extended warenty... I have never had a problem with my mac and anything that came up, I walked in to the store pushed their way and said fix it please. Never ever a problem... I will never buy another comp but a MAC!!!

hklover86 said...

Thanks for all your input guys!'
I'm still pretty sure im going with the warranty from Apple,but I have a year to decide which is nice.

The only reason I want to is because I got the extended warranty with my last computer and it ended up needing huge repairs right before the warranty was up, so it was lucky that I got it. I just think its better to be safe then sorry right? Plus after 3 years is up and my computer is fine, its not like I'm going to miss that $300 you know?

Shoe.Gal said...

Saw this post this morning and thought I would share it!

saro said...

I got the macbook warranty from apple and it was worth it (I'm a clutz) even though my macbook was quite sturdy (ahem, I dropped it twice).

The service is really, really great, the people at mac are friendly and knowledgeable and don't try to sell you crap. I'd get the warranty from apple, definitely.