Monday, January 24, 2011

How Far I've Come

I think the fact that I just bought a new computer says a bit about how far I've come in the way of personal finance. If my computer had died a few years ago, I definitely would not of had any savings for a new one. I would of had to go without for awhile, which would be a little difficult doing an online college course. Either that, or I would of went out and bought one with my credit card and paid it off as fast as I could. And with that said, I probably would of just gotten a cheap one, cause I would wanna be able to pay it off fast, so I may not have ended up picking the best quality.

But, since I started really being smart with my money, I had savings to buy a new one. This wasn't savings specifically dedicated to a new computer, it was just for whatever came up. Maybe a travelling opportunity or something. This does not include emergency money that I have in a separate account. Mind you, this did just about wipe out all that cash ( I will have a few hundred left). But thats ok, because I can start building it up again.

What has happened to you lately that made you realize how far you've come in personal finance?


FB @ said...

The first time I had $2000 saved in my savings account. Never had it before.

Red said...

Realising there is almost $1000 in my savings. Its going on the Credit card at the end of the month, (well before), but a whole $1000? WOW.