Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Savings funds

To keep myself motivate I made a little chart of all the things I need to save for. This way I can keep track of how much I need, what I have so far and when I will need it. I put them in order of what is coming up first. I haven't mentioned it on here before but I will be going to Ottawa in March to visit my friend so I wanted to have a few hundred dollars of spending money. Most of it will probably be spent eating out. We will most likely be going to the bar one night, and probably doing a few touristy things while I'm there.

I also need to save for my next online course that would start in May. I am going to use the rest of my vacation pay from my old job so I just have to save the rest of that. I decided I want to get winter tires next year, and since my car is a few years old now I should have some money saved for any repairs that may possibly come up. The portugal fund doesn't really need explanation as I have mentioned it a few times, but a new one that I came up with is a house fund. I thought it was time to start thinking about buying a house in the future. Definitely not anytime soon, but I hope to have a good downpayment by the time I'm 30 so thats why 2016 is the "due date".

I think I might open a few more savings accounts so I can have an account for each fund. I thought this might be the easiest way to keep track of things, but I was wondering what everyone else does?


How much

Saved so far:





March 2011

Bridging course

approx $400 ( $300-$350 course plus textbook)

$161 vacation pay from old job

April 2011

Car Fund (winter tires + unexpected expenses)



October 2011

Macbook warranty

$316.38 ( $279.99 + tax)


Jan 2012

Fun Fund




Portugal fund



late 2012

House Fund





Anonymous said...

I use ING for seperate savings accounts and love it! I just move my $$ from my regular account over to savings and let it build up! You don't "notice" it there either, so no temptation to dig in! ;) lol!

The Asian Pear said...

I basically have 3 savings account. One called a splurge/miscellaneous account. One for education. One for emergencies. Basically because that's all I need. I find too many accounts becomes bothersome. I don't bother with a savings account for a downpayment because I put money into my RRSP. I figure when the time comes to buy my home, I'll just take from my RRSP as that's allowed anyways.