Monday, May 16, 2011

Life Updates

Well those of you that read my blog regularly will know that I was doing an online course that was related to my job. Well...I passed!! YAY for me. And my second course just started yesterday. So I'm back at it again. It was nice to have those few weeks off in between though!

In my last post I mentioned about having found a good skincare routine, which is want I wanted to mention to you guys. I tried Proactiv! My BFF has been using it for awhile and she kept telling me to try it. I kept thinking "Thats only for people with SERIOUS acne, I don't need that". Well, even though I didn't consider myself to be a serious case, I decided to try it because I had enough!

I had been using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, and Marcelle toner. All are fairly gentle and nothing too extravagant. The main thing I noticed when first starting Proactiv is that it is VERY harsh on your skin. This is just my opinion anyways. My skin would actually kind of sting. So I started alternating it with my normal, more gentler stuff. Like I will use my cetaphil stuff in the morning and then my Proactiv at night or whatever. After a couple of weeks of this I feel I have got a happy medium. I still get breakouts of course, I mean its a hormonal thing but they are not quite as bad as before, and I don't get as many of those HUGE blemishes. Plus the Refining mask is really good as zapping blemishes.

Ok so the next update about me is on the topic of the opposite sex. I never really talked about this stuff on here before, but I feel like it this time for some reason...Anyways so I had something going with this guy who lives back where I used to live. He wasn't my boyfriend or anything but whenever I was in town visiting friends, we would usually make plans. So anyways he started dating this girl from there that I CANNOT stand. He knows I don't like her and he just started dating her, and never told me and of course I found out on facebook, cause apparently we are all in high school. lol. She is just one of "those girls" you know? Those girls who think they are all that, think they are better than everyone, constantly talking behind people's back and always having to be the center of attention. You know the kind I am talking about. The worst part is that I thought this guy (despite all his flaws) was too good for this girl. I thought he knew her true colours. The fact that he is attracted to someone like that just blows my mind, and makes me think twice about who he is inside as well. I never felt I had any claim on him or anything, I just thought that we were friends and he could of shown some respect by telling me what was going on. So this really upset me. Since then, I haven't really talked to him and don't really intend to start any conversations with him in the near future. I recently got together with some friends and had a girls night out and it was just what I needed to feel like myself again. No worrying about looking good for a guy or trying to get anyones attention, just having fun with girlfriends and a bottle of wine! ;)

If you haven't read Chelsea's blog, you must. This particular post really inspired me. I printed it out when she first posted it, and after this happened I re-read it and felt a little better. The weirdest part of this is, somehow since I have stopped talking to this guy, I feel better about myself. I'm not sure how it happened but it did and I know I am much better off without this guy in my life.

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