Friday, May 27, 2011

Major Clothing De-Stash

So on Monday it was a holiday here in Canada and I decided to do a super closet clean out. I literally took all the clothing I own and sorted it into piles on my bed. Pants in one pile, tank tops in another, skirts, sweaters etc. Then I went through each pile and discarded items I haven't worn in awhile or stuff that was just plain worn out.

So here is a breakdown of what I had before and after the clean up:

Plain tank tops:
11 Before and 8 after

10 before and 7 after

Long sleeve shirts:
3 before and 0 after

4 pairs before and 3 pairs after

7 before and 6 after

3 pairs before and 3 after

8 before and 5 after

5 paris before and 4 pairs after

Other pants (dressier ones):
4 before and after

Capri pants:
1 pair before and after

Summer tops (fanciers tanks and strapless):
12 before and 10 after

T-shirts and misc tops:
27 before and 18 after

Pullover hoodies:
6 before and 3 after

Zip up hoodies:
10 before and 8 after

So in total I got rid of 31 articles of clothing! I have it all in a garbage bag and I'm thinking of donating it. I might see if anyone wants to look through first and pick stuff out then donate the rest.

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