Thursday, June 2, 2011

"We got a whole lotta money but we still pay rent cause you can't buy a house in heaven"

The title of my post is a quote from a Lady Gaga song called "You and I". Actually it's "U&I". It's probably my favourite song on her new album which is, by the way, amazing. Anyone that is a fan of her previous works needs to get this album!!

Anyways, on to some update on what is going on with me.

-I recently redeemed some Air Miles for a $25 gift card to Rexall and another $25 gift card to The Gap. I already used the Rexall one, getting some much needed razors and a new mascara. The mascara is L'oreal Voluminous Millions Lashes and I HIGHLY recommend it. I actually had a customer tell me she loved my lashes. I think Amy recommended it on her blog which is what made me get it. I haven't used my Gap one yet though. I want to use it to get a new pair of black dress pants, because the ones I have right now I have been wearing for years! They are looking pretty worn. I'm waiting to combine my gift card with a sale. I check this blog every day to see who's having sales!

I also recently made my first WagJag purchase! The promo was you pay $15 for $30 voucher to a used clothing store here in my city. But I had a redemption code for $5 off my first WagJag purchase so I only paid $10 for that voucher. Today I went and got 3 tops and 2 bracelets, and paid $1.13. So I got about $30 of clothes for about $11. Not bad!

In other news, my car insurance is going up! :( My policy renewal date is June 30th. I just logged into my online portfolio today to see what my new rate was going to be and it's gone up by about $26 a month. So my rate is going from $199 a month to $225 a month. Don't get me wrong, I know that is not a bad rate, it just irked me a little because after my first year, my rate went down, so I was hoping after 2 years it would go down again. So I called them to find out why, and it's basically because of the general increases in rates in Ontario due to all the changes that the government made. The only way I could get it lower would be to get a winter tires discount, or make my deductible higher. Right now my deductible is $500 collision and $300 comprehensive. I feel those are comfortable amounts for me and don't really want to change them.

I think I am going to do a little research and see if there is anything lower out there, although I have a feeling I may not find anything. What do you guys think?

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