Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Updates

  • My work is long overdue in giving me my raise so on this Friday's paycheck I will be getting an extra $240 or so. At my work we automatically get a raise for every so many hours worked which the computer is supposed to update automatically. For some reason it forgot me or something, so I'm getting all my retro pay. I'm going to put this in my portugal fund (which already has $700 btw)
  • I'm also got approval to be reimbursed for the last course I took. Its 70% which ends up being about $180 that I will get back to put towards the next one!
  • Take a look at this interesting article "Why we don't work overtime"
  • I recently celebrated a birthday which means I am 25
  • I also recently saw Taylor Swift in concert, which constitutes it's own blog post. :) To come later.


Canadian Saver said...

Happy belated 25th!!! I loved being that age :-)

hklover86 said...

Thanks! It is pretty good so far!!