Monday, July 11, 2011

Five things

I found this on TeacHer Finance and wanted to do it as well so here goes:

Five things I'm proud of:

1. That I've paid of my student loans and have no debt now except my car which is only $9000 and very very manageable payments.
2. Where I am in my career. I have worked hard to get where I am now, and even though I don't make a lot yet I am finally working for a company where I CAN make a lot.
3. How I turned out. Sounds kinda weird but I think I turned out a pretty good kid. LOL I never really got in big trouble and have always been responsible and hard working. I don't expect anything to be handed to me in life.
4. My car...Probably the best and most educated decision I've ever made. I wanted one so bad but waited until I paid off student loans. I researched like crazy and ended up picking the perfect car for me, style wise and financially, and still love my car as much as I did when I first got it.
5. I think I'm a pretty strong person.

Five things I'm ashamed of:
1. I'm so unfit
2. Fear of commitment/laziness about dating/finding a future spouse.
3. Need to learn to "enjoy the moment"
4. That I haven't been to Portugal yet even though my relatives there own 2 hotels?!
5. Always wanting "more" (working on it though)

Five things I'm trying not to care about right now:
1. Loneliness and fear of being along forever
2. My parents and their problems
3. Work and it's problems
4. Money and saving for all kinds of things
5. My shitty-ass cell phone that I really want to get rid of

Ps. If the owner of this blog: is reading my blog I am wondering if I can get your password as I would love to continue reading your blog :)


My money, my life said...

Hi! I totally WAS reading your blog! I gotta say, it's incredibly cool and flattering that you want to read my rants, I love your blog too. I never had a password to exclude readers. I just "privated" my blog for a while out of fears of losing my anonymity. Anyways, I am now back, partly thanks to your blogpost, which reminded me of how much I missed the PF blogging community. Thanks for the shoutout, and I'll see you around!

The Asian Pear said...

I sympathize re: phone.

When does your contract end? Maybe you can get a new one?

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through yuppie in the city!

I can totally agree on the part about thoughts on dating. It does take time, effort and money - and eventually a leap of faith. Which is tough to do. But stay positive, I am sure you will find someone amazing.

hklover86 said...

AP - my contract ends in May. I think i am eligible for an upgrade in november but I am trying to hold out until its over so I can switch companies. Plus I think they will be releasing the Iphone 5 in the fall so might as well wait!