Friday, August 5, 2011

Life Updates

  • I just got a tuition rebate on todays paycheck for $184 which brings me to $482 dollars in my "course fund" which is more than enough to sign up for next semesters course.
  • Speaking of courses we are wrapping up this semester, all assignments are submitted and now I just have to study for the exam in 11 days!
  • I also got that retro pay that I told you guys about 2 posts ago. After taxes it was about $200 extra. In total for that pay, I put away $300 into my "Portugal Fund" which now has $1076!! :)
  • I have heard a lot about how if you write a company about their products they will send you coupons. So I wrote to Marcelle, a Canadian skin care and cosmetics company whose facial toner I have been using for years. I told them how much I liked their products and also mentioned that I have noticed the toner I used to use was not at Shoppers Drug Mart anymore. I requested any samples they may have available and any coupons as well. They wrote me a nice reply saying that toner I was using had in fact been discontinued (which was what I thought) and suggested a suitable replacement. They also sent me 4 coupons each for $2 off ANY Marcelle product! Woo!
  • I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I got a coupon off Wagjag for a hair salon called Trade Secrets. It was only $35 for wash, cut, colour and style which is pretty good. I was a little nervous having never been there before, but the girl was great and I'm very happy with the colour. I had it a pretty bright red before, and now I'm closer to my natural colour, its a dark chocolate brown. It's a bit darker than my natural colour actually, probably darker than it's ever been. There is a still a tad bit of red showing through which looks neat actually so I'm super happy with it!


The Asian Pear said...

wow. that was really cool of Marcelle to send you coupons.

Two Degrees said...

Tuition credits are the best!

Do you live up in Barrie? My friend just got the same coupon!