Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the grind :(

  • School officially starts again tomorrow!! I am now on my 3rd course out of 4 and this one is going to be the hardest/most time consuming. I saved it for the winter semester because I pretty much hibernate in the winter. I'm not really a winter sport person or anything so I figured it was the best time for this course. I still have not found out if I passed the last one yet but hopefully within the next week or two.
  • Remember when I wrote about Marcelle sending me coupons? Well they sent me 4 more of the same coupons, except these ones expire NEXT year (the previous ones exp the end of this year)
  • I am now on the hunt for winter tires for my car. I posted an ad on Kijiji hoping to find some used ones in like-new condition and save some money.
  • Yesterday I went to Winners and holy crap I loove this store. They have so many things that I want! lol. I got some really nice new tops which I will have to take pictures of for you guys.
  • I don't really talk about politics on here but I have to say I am excited for the provincial election coming up because I can't wait to get Dalton McGuinty out!!
  • I went through my clothes AGAIN and came up with over 40 items to sell to the used clothing store! So hopefully I can get a fairly good amount for them. This store also sells some books so I plan to go through my books as well and see what I want to get rid of.


My money, my life said...

Could you please share with us where you sell your used clothing to? I have A LOT of clothes that I don't wear anymore, some brand-new, so it'd be nice to get some money back for them. In the past I looked but the only place I found was this place called "Plato's closet", it was in Burlington (I live in Toronto), so I figured it wouldn't be worth the drive. Thanks!

hklover86 said...

Yeah it is Plato's Closet! LOL
I really like that store I have got quite a lot of nice clothes from there, they have all the brands I like, but dont want to pay full price for! lol.
I estimate that I have gotten about $2-3 per item in the past. I'm not sure if that makes it worth it for you cause I dunno how far you have to drive but if you have a lot of stuff it could be. Maybe just wait until youre going that way anyway??
They also have a card where you get a stamp for every $10 worth of stuff you buy OR sell. And then once you get like 20 stamps which is $200 spent then you get 20% off the next purchase!