Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pinterest = my new obsession

Thanks to Amy, I am now officially addicted to Pinterest. What is this you ask? Well its basically a virtual "pinboard" of sorts that you share with others. You can have as many boards as you want for whatever type of theme you want. Examples: Home decor ideas, favourite products, fashion and beauty, items you are lusting after etc. You can follow people and if you see a picture you like you can comment on it. You can also "re-pin" anyone else's pins that you like. Its so super addicting. Here are some great things I have found so far:

Such a cute idea! Plus I love anything vintage.

This is pretty much the picture I have in my head of how I want my home library to look when I have my own place. With the ladder and everything.

Awesome DIY art project. You glue crayons to a canvas and blow dry them so they melt. I want to try this for sure.
Awesome quote.

Isn't this a great use for your shopping bags? Looks so chic.

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Michelle P said...

I really want to try that crayon project! How awesome would that look.