Monday, November 14, 2011

No More Fees

I have had enough of paying fees to use my money!! I have been with TD for awhile now and I'm really sick of it. So I got a Thrive chequing account with ING direct. I have a few savings accounts with ING and I love them.

I'm still going to have some savings with TD and I have my car loan with them but from now on its ING for chequing!! I already gave the information to my work for payroll so I just have to give it to the bank for taking out my car loan payments and then we're all good!

And right now there is a promo going on until Dec 31st where if a new customer opens an account and uses a referral code, we BOTH get $50!! Usually its $25.

So if any of you want to sign up with ING, I would really appreciate if you use my code! This only applies to new customers, if you already have an account with them and just open another one, it doesn't count unfortunately. I've put a little widget on the side of my blog with my Orange Key :)

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