Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Contacts! :)

Here is something a little exciting that I forgot to tell you guys..I am now a contact lens wearer!! I had been thinking about trying them for awhile and I had heard that at my work they give out samples for you to try so I went and asked about them. I booked an appointment and came back a few days later to be taught how to wear them. I was pretty nervous about sticking things in my eyes but I have to say it was all a lot easier than I thought and the woman said I did pretty well.

All was well and good until about a month ago when I noticed my eyes were getting really red. I thought maybe I hadn't washed my hands good enough when I put them in or something and they weren't THAT red. After a few days of this I threw that pair out and started a new pair, only to have the problem come back again in full force. One day at work my eyes were so red I looked like I was on drugs. It was scary. But I felt no discomfort whatsoever so I couldn't figure it out.

I went to the optical department and after talking to the guy for a few minutes and having him ask me some questions he determined I was probably having a reaction to the silicone. He said some people can wear silicone ones for like a year and then suddenly have a reaction. So he gave me a sample of a silicone-free pair to try. And just like that, no more redness!!

So I was able to exchange the Acuvue Oasis ones I had for a different kind called Proclear. I'm really glad I was able to work out the problem because I love wearing contacts. Its so weird because I never really was self conscious about my glasses or anything, I just wanted to try something new. But once I started wearing contacts I felt like...somehow I wasn't hiding behind them anymore. It might sound strange but its the easiest way to explain it I guess.

Anyone else out there wear contacts?? How was your experience when you first tried them and what ones do you wear?

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rachael said...

(long time reader/lurker!)

I've been wearing them for around 9 years, and glasses for 6 years before that. I'm blind as a bat without them. I have the kind that I can sleep in, so I put them in and then that's it for a month, I love them! Now, whenever I do have to wear my glasses for whateer reason, I feel really uncomfortable, but I never liked wearing them anyway.