Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saving for Vacation

I guess I haven't really done a finance related post in awhile so I thought it was time!
I am doing quite well in continuing to save for my vacation. Here's how I have been doing this year.

January 2012:

Travel fund: $300
Emergency Fund: $125

But then I also paid for my flight in January which was $763 so that took a good chunk of my travel fund away.

February 2012:

Travel Fund: $440
Emergency Fund: $63

Current emergency fund: $3000 (FULLY FUNDED) Finally!!!
Current travel fund: $2491.

I am really pleased with how much I have been saving for Portugal (and now Mexico). My flight to Portugal is already paid for which is the best part. If I was to go tomorrow I would be very comfortable with the amount I have saved.

That second job I have told you guys about is now working out well because I was able to work it out with my boss at my FT job where I can have a certain morning off every week. So that means I have at least 1 extra shift a week at this other place which all goes directly to savings.

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Michelle P said...

Good job on having a fully funded EF!