Friday, March 9, 2012

TV Shows I Miss

1. American Dreams

It ran from 2002-2005 and thus began my love affair with the 60's. The fashion, the hairstyles, the dances, the music. All of it. I was fascinated by this show. It was the story of a typical 60's family. It dealt with a lot of issues like women starting to work outside the home, racism, religion, war and rebellion. The main character Meg was a dancer on American Bandstand. I have the first season on DVD but the others were never made on DVD. Boo!!

2. Run's House

A reality tv show portraying the life of former Run DMC member Joseph Simmons (or Rev Run). It was from 2005-2009. I think I randomly stumbled across this show one day and I got addicted. It was interesting and funny and I liked that family was always number 1 to them.

3. ER

Today's medical dramas have nothing on ER. It ran from 1994-2009 making it the longest running primetime medical drama in American history. I don't remember what year I started watching it but I didn't see the first few seasons. Some of my favourite characters were Luka, Abby, Greg, Neela and Samantha. That Shane guy from A Walk to Remember was also on for a bit. lol. Of course there was George Clooney as well but he was in the early days and I don't remember many episodes with him. One day I want to have all the seasons on DVD.

4. Friends

Of course how could this list be complete without Friends. This is without a doubt my all time favourite show ever. This is the only show where no matter how many times you have seen the episode, it's still just as funny as the first time. The writers are complete geniuses. I have almost all of the seasons on DVD, I've only got 3 more to go :) Fun Fact: did you know that Jennifer Aniston was offered a regular spot on SNL at the same time as she got the part of Rachael? Everyone thought it was career suicide turning down SNL. And the rest is history.

What shows do you guys miss??


Margie said...

My list would include Felicity, Big Love, and Sex in the City. I loved Friends - the theme song reminds me of high school!

hklover86 said...

I never watched Felicity or Big Love, but I definitely hear you on Sex and the City! The movies didn't hold a candle to the show!

My money, my life said...

I miss Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City. Both shows got too "stylized" towards the end (you know, where everyone always has perfect hair in every scene, and the jokes are forced and short etc.), so maybe it's not that bad that they ended. But if they had continued like they did during the first 3 seasons, I could've watched both shows forever!

hklover86 said...

I miss Gilmore Girls too. I kinda forgot about that one. In the end when she dumped Logan my heart broke a little because I looooved Logan lol.

lil desiqua said...

I'm so late fro this, but I miss Lost and Gilmore Girls. So much!!!

Ooh, and yes, SATC. I didn't like the movies, but the show was a must see!