Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

  • Have you seen these funny quotes that are all over Pinterest from Some are pretty hilarious. If you go to their website there are so many to look through, you could entertain yourself for hours. 
  • I finally did get that refund for my Luxe box after all!! My subscription ended in January and I asked to unsubscribe. They had already charged another $40 for another 3 months to my visa but they said they would refund it. I ended up getting another Luxe box for February which I wasn't supposed to get. Now they have finally refunded me which means that last one was free. So now I wonder, will they mistakenly send me one in March??
  • I got my mark for an assignment in my online course and I got 100%!! I was pretty surprised. It brought my average up to 80% which is great!
  • I went to a Hedley concert the other night. It was pretty fun. The opening bands actually got a lot of stage time which I was kind of surprised by.  I went with a girl from work and we both had a great time. 
  • I'm getting so excited for the Hunger Games movie!!! These books are fabulous and if are looking for the next series to get obsessed over and haven't read them, DO IT. I got 2 girls at work into them, and a 3rd is currently reading it. I also got another friend of mine into them. We are planning to have a girls night out for dinner and the movie when it comes out. 
  • I recently scored some chocolate whey protein powder on clearance at the grocery store and am looking for all kinds of cool recipes. 
  • I'm going to Mexico!! More on this in another post :)

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Liquid Independence said...

Nice job on your assignment (^_-) I can't remember the last time I got 100% on anything.