Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Thrifting

Today I had an early shift so I decided to head on over to Goodwill after work. Friday is usually half price day but today it was different where your discount depended on how much you were going to spend. Which was ok with me. I found this cute pair of jeans in a nice dark colour and the label said "J brand".

Hmm, never heard of that but they looked cute so I threw them in my cart. In the change room I realized they fit perfectly!! But I had never heard of this brand. I had to see if I was getting a deal so I googled it on my iPhone and apparently this brand of jeans is usually over $100 a pair!  Mine were $6.99 and 25% off :)

My mom and sister just got back from Walmart and my mom picked up the cutest Hello Kitty soap for me! She knows how much I love Hello Kitty and whenever she's out and sees random stuff that's not too pricey she brings it home lol. I had to take a picture.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous start to the weekend! What are your plans?? For me, I am working tomorrow, and then Sunday I plan to attend a small bridal shower for an old friend from high school whom I just recently started talking to again. Should be interesting!


Michelle P said...

I love Jbrand. I have a couple of pairs and I've had them for YEARS. They are really good quality!

~Carla~ said...

Great find on the jeans!! :) The hello Kitty soap is too cute!! :)