Tuesday, April 3, 2012


watching: Gossip Girl, Castle, American Idol
wearing: my beloved Victoria's secret sweats
eating: Last snack I had was some cheddar rice crackers and some mini ritz bits sandwiches with peanut butter (mmm)
excited for: my work being closed for 2 days this weekend!!
buying: no major purchases on the horizon
worrying about: I got some final things to do for school as it is the last week of my course
drinking: Protein shakes every morning! They are so delicious!
reading: My life by Bill Clinton and The Beach
wishing: my weight loss efforts were working juuust a bit better lol
proud of: that I have lost about 10 pounds so far
thinking about: how I need to do my taxes :(
obsessed with: Pinterest!!

I leave you with a picture of where I'm going to be in exactly 90 days:

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