Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Spending April 20-26

Fri Apr 20: $1.94 Tim Hortons
Sat Apr 21: no spend day
Sun Apr 22: $5.30 Tim Hortons
                    $1.40 juice from vending machines @ work
                    $38.40 protein powder
                    $8.00 subway
Mon Apr 23: no spend day
Tues Apr 24: $8.60 tims
Wed Apr 25: no spend day
Thurs Apr 26: $7.91 subway

Total: $72.22 all food yikes!!!

This week sucked in terms of preparing lunches for work as you can see! The good thing is I ate mostly sandwiches from Tim's or Subway instead of greasy food from work like I used to before I really started trying to lose weight.

I also went to Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates this past week! I am really enjoying this stuff, even though it is challenging I feel really good afterwards and I can already notice changes in my body. The Pilates was much harder than the yoga by the way!!

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Michelle P said...

Food spending adds up so fast! I've been pretty good with bringing food to work thankfully.