Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Sales

Today was a fabulous Saturday! It was my day off and it was a beautiful day out. It was the first day that it felt like summer is on its way. I even wore shorts! I got up early to go watch my friend's son's first soccer practice. It's so funny watching little kids play sports, cause they're so cute!

After that I went to the nearest Zehrs to pick a few things and noticed they had a large selection of Joe Fresh jewellery on for half price. I ended up picking up a few things:

Earrings $3.50
Bracelet $5


Chain link necklace with ribbon $7

There was a lot of other nice things and I really had to stop myself from buying more!

Today I also tried this new recipe for healthy pancakes from Blogilates! I wasn't too sure about it from looking at the recipe but they turned out to be so delicious!! It makes about 4-5 pancakes and they entire recipe is only 222 calories!! She has a few more recipes that I also plan to try out and I hope they will be just as good. 

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