Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Expenses

Fri May 4 -  Thurs May 10th

Fri: no spend day!
Sat: $11.68 eye drops
Sun: $40 dinner out with co-workers!
Mon: no spend day!
Tues: $3.14 pizza slice :(
Wed: $33.93 Value Village
Thurs: $0.80 juice from vending machine @ work

This week was definitely better than last because I brought my lunch more so definitely a lot less spending on food. On Saturday I ended up having to go get some eye drops. I am having trouble with my contacts AGAIN, to the point that I want to give up and just be a "four-eyes" forever. lol. I decided to wear them to work on Friday, but after only a few hours my eyes were getting red, so I took them out. They were red all the rest of the day and still on Saturday. They were so bad that during my drive to work I was in complete agony because my eyes were so sensitive to the sun that it was actually painful. Sunglasses don't help because I still need my glasses to drive and I don't have prescription sunglasses. So I got some drops and they helped but it still took another whole day for them to go back to normal.

On Wed I read on SmartCanucks that Value Village was having a  30% off sale for Super Savers club members. While its not as good as half price day, its also not as hectic. I ended up finding so much stuff I liked that I really had to pare down my choices. I ended up leaving a Banana Republic cashmere sweater because it was one of the more expensive items. I figured since summer is coming I won't be wearing it anytime soon and I needed nice shirts for work. But now I kinda wish I bought it :(

I haven't gone to yoga this week at all and I'm kind of regretting it. I did go for a run though and did some Blogilates videos.

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