Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekly expenses: It's all food again!

April 27-May 3

Apr 27- $3.30 tim hortons
Apr. 28- $11.99 dried mangos (yummmmy), $3.97 lunch, $20 jack astors (went out with coworker for                        dinner)
Apr. 29-$9.00 chinese take out
Apr. 30- $4.57 lunch at work
May 1- $22.46 zehrs, $17.71 food basics (stuff to bring for lunch!)
May 2- no spend day!
May 3- $1.65 tim hortons (french vanilla)

So I went and got some groceries finally which is why I had that one no spend day because I brought my lunch. Hopefully that should cut down on my spending this following week because I should be able to bring something to eat most days. Although I will be spending a lot this coming Sunday to go out for dinner with coworkers, but I don't feel bad about that at all :) It's going to be so much fun.

Something new I am trying lately is using almond milk in my morning shake now. I recently had the most fabulous smoothie from Jugo Juice that consisted of chocolate flavoured almond milk, peanut butter, and i don't know what else but it was amazing. I decided to get my some almond milk to put in my daily smoothie! So far I have only tried half regular milk and half almond milk cause I wanted to ease into it. I didn't notice any difference in taste at all so I think tomorrow I will use all almond milk. I am definitely going to try and re-create something like the Jugo Juice smoothie I had though!

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