Monday, July 23, 2012

I Met a Boy on Vacation

It all started when we went to the "festa". It's basically just a big town party. A stage with live bands, a bar and an eating area. I was eating dinner with my family and I took notice of the attractive group of young men at the table behind ours. I was making eye contact with one guy in particular we'll call him "A".

After we finished dinner we went outside to get drinks at the bar. As I was approaching the bar area I saw that same group of guys and "A" said hello to me. I pretty much just said hi back and after we got our drinks we left. Then I decided I wanted to go back and speak to those guys some more so I went and found them again and approached "A" and asked him what's his name and learned quickly that he didn't speak a lot of English. He introduced me to his group of friends, who also didn't speak much English.

After that there is a somewhat blurry period of time because I just remember suddenly I had been talking to his friend "C" for awhile and noticing that "A" was gone. I ended up spending most of the night talking to "C" and he wanted my number. But I hadn't purchased a plan for using my phone overseas so instead we wrote down our names in each others phones with a plan to add each other on Facebook.

I added him and we ended up chatting a few times when we were both online. It was very difficult to make plans to see each other because I could only talk to him on Facebook when I got WiFi and we didn't speak each others language. Next time I would definitely set up at least a texting plan!! Anyways we finally managed to get together on my last night in town. I was back to my hotel early and I messaged him on Facebook asking him to stop by my hotel if he was free. He came by and we hung out in the lounge, bar, by the pool etc. There is something refreshing about trying to have a conversation with someone who doesn't really speak your language. (He spoke way more English than I do Portuguese though). It forces you to speak in a simple and direct way. No word play, no innuendos or mind games. You have to just say what you mean.

I wish I could of spent more time with him. I wish I could see him again but the reality is that I will probably never see him again. It really sucks. But at least we had the time together that we did and I came home with some great memories :)


unabashedlyashley said...

Cute! I love stories like this. BF and I met as a summer romance. Language barriers are sexy ;)
Every girl needs moments like this.

hklover86 said...

Did you really? Thats awesome! And you're right, a language barrier can be sexy! Every gir DOES need a moment like this, and I'm glad I had one, even though I may compare all future guys to him as he was the hottest one EVER lol