Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Social and Sunday Funnies

Favorite handbag you've ever owned

Right now I would say the one that I bought in Portugal from Mango. It looks like this:

Dream handbag you lust over
 Right now I would say something like this:

Daily essentials in your purse or work bag
Wallet, cell phone, glasses case and sunglasses, some type of lip product, usually some Tylenol, small mirror and blotting papers. When I'm at work I might have a book. 

What's in your purse(with pictures)

It's pretty empty right now because I took a lot out before my vacation. 


Kristin said...

That last ecard? Yes, please. I could apply that to not only acquaintances on FB, but family members too. The possibilities...

Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

I love the Sunday funnies, what a cute post!! I wish I could block people too in real life...luckily social media stops me from seeing their posts:)

Ashley said...

Cute bags! Thanks for linking up!